Configuring Page Titles

Sometimes, you might want every page in your site to have some common text in its title. For example, every page should have a page title with the name of your product or team. This is especially true when common text is a search term for which you want every page to be shown. The page title configuration allows you to apply a given value to the page name that shows before the title users choose. By default this feature is disabled.

This feature is only available for Page Blueprints.

To access the Page Title Configuration click on the third icon from the left.


The Page Title Configuration is only available for Page Blueprints. As soon as you add children blueprints the configuration is disabled and won’t be applied to your page titles. Your settings will be restored when deleting all children blueprints of your Page Tree Blueprint.

Applying dynamic page titles

To edit the Page Title configuration click on the third icon from the left. To enable prefixes just click on the -icon and choose between following field types:




Allows you to predefine values using any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Current Date

Automatically adds the current date (page creation date) to the page title. You can choose between four date formats:





Space key

Adds the key of the space the page is created in.

Space name

Adds the name of the space the page is created in.

Consecutive number

Adds a number to your page title that consecutively increases whenever a new page is created with your blueprint.

You have to enable this field type first by ticking the checkbox above the -icon. Please read the section about consecutive number first before enabling it in your blueprint.


Applies the value entered by a user in the Page Blueprint Form. Following field types are supported:

  • Text

  • Select

  • Multi select

  • User mention

  • Date


Adds a separator (one character) between field types. The default character is a hiven ('-'). 

Consecutive Number

The Consecutive Number feature allows you to add a number to your page titles that consecutively increases when users create a new page or blog post using your blueprint. In order to use the consecutive number feature you have to enable it first.

By default the first number to be displayed is '0'. You can change by entering any number in the input field. The number you enter will be used for the first page that is being created with your blueprint.

You can always modify the start number of your blueprint.

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