For many Confluence users, the Blueprint Creator is the most popular tool when it comes to creating new content. As the application fields of the app are vast and the form-based paged creation often represent the starting point of many processes, the demand for the integration of other popular apps increases. These integrations allow us to fill the gap functionality and improve the user experience to streamline your processes.

If you'd like to see more apps being supported, please raise a request in our service desk.

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Comala Document Management

The integration with Comala Document Management is a perfect companion to Blueprint Creator's core functionality. As users create pages from pre-made Page Blueprints, they can also assign reviewers via a Document Management approval workflow. Blueprint Creator ensures the page starts correctly, and Comala Document Management validates the page's content before publishing. An end-to-end process for building great Confluence documentation.

Learn more about the integration here.

Linchpin Enterprise News

News editors who run Confluence-based intranet solutions have recognized that they can't do without the Linchpin Enterprise News app if they want to turn their blog posts into a real news piece. Aside from beautiful display options and handy macros news editors can attach metadata such as news categories, kicker lines etc. and control the publication and approvals of blog posts. The Blueprint Creator fits perfectly in by not only allowing editors to share announcements with blueprints for blog posts, but neatly displaying the metadata options in the compact and user friendly form - professional news creation has never been easier.

Learn more about the integration here.