Generating Automated Property Group Reports

To build helpful and dynamic reports you should make yourself familiar with the Property Group macro first.

While the Property Group macro helps you with capturing distinct pieces of information in an easy way, you might want to display that information on another page. The Property Group Report macro aggregates all property values that there were applied in the Property Group macro in a comprehensive overview.

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Embedding the Property Group Report macro

Create or edit a regular Confluence page and embed the Property Group Report macro:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose  + > Other Macros

  2. Find and select the Property Group Report macro

The macro dialog opens up. Select a previously created property group you want to generate a report for.

On the right side of the macro dialog you can see a live preview of the report. Based on the options you select the appearance of the report is adjusted.


To narrow down the results you can apply filters to your report.







Property Value(s)

Returns pages or blog posts with the specified property values



Returns pages or blog posts with these labels. By clicking on Add you can add another label filter.

OR (multiple values in the same filter)

AND (multiple Label filters)


Returns pages or blog posts from these spaces


Pages under

Returns pages or blog posts under the specified confluence pages



For an OR search, specify multiple values in the same field. So to show pages with 'label-a', 'label-b' or both you'd put 'label-a' and 'label-b' in the same Label field, like this:


For an AND search, add more than one filter and specify a single value in each. To show only pages with label-a and label-b you'd put 'label-a' in one label field, then add a second Label field to the macro, and put 'label-b' in the second one, like this:

Put simply, OR values are entered in the same filter, AND values are entered in different filter. 

When you are done configuring the macro click ‘Save’ to confirm. The macro placeholder will display a table.

You can choose to edit your Confluence page or publish it.

Display options

You can also make various changes to the presentation of your reports.



View type

Allows you to select the layout of the report

  • Table

  • Card

Displayed properties

Allows you to specify which properties should be displayed in the report.

The order of your properties in the Displayed properties dropdown reflects the order of the displayed properties in the report.

Sort by

Allows you to sort a specific property in ascending or descending order.

Add entries

Allows you to decide how you want to add entries

  • Inline (default)

  • Dialog

  • Disabled


Allows you to decide how many records are shown in the report.

You can remove the properties that you don’t want to be available in the reports. Removed properties can be added to the report again by opening the dropdown.

Viewing and editing values in the report

After publishing the page the Property Group Report macro will display all pages that contain the Property Group macro with the matching property group.

The first column ‘Name’ contains the name of the page/blog post the Property Group macro is displayed in. The other columns reflect the properties of the selected property group. All pages, already existing and about to be created, that contain the Property Group macro with a matching property group are displayed in this table.

To edit the properties you don’t need to go into the edit mode like in Property group. By clicking over the properties you can change the values directly. All properties can be edited here without any limitations. After changing a value you have to hit ‘Enter’ or you click out of the edited property to save it.

You can change the configuration of the macro anytime, e.g. apply filters or change the view type.

Now you can also filter your Property Value(s) live by clicking over the Filter-icon on the top right corner. The filters are combined with each other, connected via "AND", but within a filter via “OR”.

Add new records to the Property Group Report NEW

You're now able to add new entries at the bottom of your report table. This action generates a new Confluence page featuring a Property Group Macro. In the Report configuration within the left sidebar, you'll find the option to select the view how you'd like to add records to your report:



If you disable the option, the add entry line is no longer visible.

Have fun reviewing your reports!


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