Using the Property Group Macro

To use the Property Group macro efficiently make sure to read the documentation on how to set up property groups and create properties first.

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Embedding the Property Group macro

Create or edit a regular Confluence page and embed the Property Group macro:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose  + > Other Macros

  2. Find and select the Property Group macro

Using the macro in edit mode

Double-click the macro placeholder (or click the placeholder and choose Edit) to open the macro dialog window.

Select a previously created property group in the left sidebar of the macro dialog. Your assigned properties will appear which can be edited within there.

All entered values will be lost when you choose a different property group.

After filling out the properties you click on ‘Save’. The macro placeholder will reflect the applied values.


To edit the values just edit the macro again and save your changes. You can choose to edit your Confluence page or publish it.

Due to a technical limitation copying and pasting the macro on the same page or across pages will cause the macros to stay in sync. If you don't want this you are advised to insert a new macro on your page instead of copying and pasting it.

Using the macro in view mode

The Property Group macro can also be used in the view mode. Everyone who can access the page (viewing permissions) can also view the macro.


All properties will be displayed, even the ones who have no values. To edit the properties you don’t need to go into the edit mode. By hovering over the properties you can change the values directly. All properties can be edited here without any limitations.

Reviewing the change log

All actions within the Property Group macro are logged. Below the macro the name and timestamp of the last editor is displayed.

By clicking on this hint you can access the change log.

All edits are listed in the change log. This includes:

  • Name of the editor

  • Time of the edit

  • Previous value

  • New value

  • edited on page version


Learn how to display collected information that is stored in the Property Group macros in a clear and comprehensive table.