Visualizing Relations Between Properties

To build helpful and dynamic visualizations you should make yourself familiar with the Property Group macro and the Property Group Report macro first.

After you created Property Group macros, Property Group Visualization helps you with visualize relations of the properties.

You can now select between 2 visualization types:

  • OrgChart: Visualize your data with connections and dependencies

  • Board View: Visualize your data in structured boards. New

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Embedding the Property Group Visualization macro

Create or edit a regular Confluence page and embed the Property Group Visualization macro:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose  + > Other Macros

  2. Find and select the Property Group Visualization macro

First thing you should see is the Select view between OrgChart and Board View.

Visualize relations with OrgChart

After you selected OrgChart you can choose between 2 enrichment stratergies:

  • Property Group: To get the relation between primary and secondary values in a selected Property Group

  • System Properties: Configure relations between users and spaces.

The macro dialog opens up. Select a enrichment strategy to visualize your data.

Property Group:

Then select a Property Group you want to generate visualizations for and select two properties to visualize the relations.

New Now Select fields except from User fields are also supported.

System Properties:

Configure your chart and relations between users and spaces and add them from the left side.

You can drag and drop your users and spaces in your chart, how often you like.

If you want to edit your chart but don’t want to start again, you can click on the field you want to change and edit or delete the user/space.

After you publish your page and embed a chart, you can also get it bigger/smaller or even in full screen to analyze your configured visualization.

Generate visualizations with the Board View

After you choose to work with the Board View, you can select a Property Group in the left sidebar which you want to generate visualizations for.

After selecting a group you can select a Property from the selected group, to be the base of the board.

You can see the preview of your board like its in our Property Group Report

Choose also how you want to see the tiles on the board: expanded or collapsed. Expanded tiles show more details, while collapsed tiles show only the title.

After publishing your page with your saved Board, you can configure the Board with the functionality to drag’n’drop the tiles into other Board lane.

You can also add new page entries within the board by clicking on "+ Create" to generate new Property Group records with the selected board column value. NEW

Have fun reviewing your visualizations!


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