Comala Document Management


The integration between the Blueprint Creator and Comala Document Management allows you to assign reviewers to pre-defined workflow states. This ensures that content that is to be created with a Page Blueprint has to be approved before it can progress to the next state, or it can be rejected to send it back for more edits.

Getting the value reference 

To assign approvers to workflow states with the Blueprint Creator all you need is the value reference or placeholder ID. The ID is unique and is assigned to every User mention placeholder.

Only User mention placeholders are supported.

You can either create or use an existing User mention placeholder in a Page Blueprint. After creating/editing a new User mention placeholder the Comala Document Management icon right next to it in the Page Blueprint form.

By clicking on the icon you copy the placeholder ID (blueprint_USER_xxxxx) to your clipboard. This value reference has to be applied in the workflow.

The integration only works when Multi-user mentions are disabled. The Comala Document Management icon is only displayed when the app is installed and enabled.

Using the value reference

Proceed to the Global or Space Workflow Templates overview from Comala Document Management and create a new workflow or edit an existing one with markup.

Use the {approval} macro to add content-focussed reviews to workflow states.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 {workflow:name=Blueprint Creator example} {state:Draft|submit=Review} {state} {state:Review|approved=Published|rejected=Draft|expired=Draft} {approval:Editor in Chief|user=@blueprint_USER_xxxxx@} {state} {state:Published|final=true|updated=Draft} {state} {workflow}


After applying the placeholder ID in your workflow you can go ahead and create new pages with your Page Blueprint and assign approvers while doing so.


  • The integration is only available for Page Blueprints. If you want to use this feature in Space Blueprints as well, please raise a request in our service desk.

  • Only Single user-mentions are supported. When enabling Multi-user mentions you cannot see the placeholder ID or the value will not be applied in the workflow.

  • User mention placeholders in Page Blueprints which were created in version 2.3.x or lower have to be edited first (e.g. change name or description).