Exporting and Importing Space Blueprints

Space Blueprints can be exported from one Confluence site to another Confluence export by using the default space export mechanism.

As of now it is not possible to export and import placeholders that are used in Space Blueprints.

  1. After creating and editing your Space Blueprint access the Content Tools in the Space tools and navigate to Export tab. There you can export the space in XML format (Full Export). After that you can download the space.

  2. Access the Confluence administration of the system you want to import your Space Blueprint to and navigate to Backup & Restore.

    Under Upload a site or space export file, click Choose File and, browse for your space export file and upload it (see Confluence documentation). Your Space Blueprint is now available as a common space in the Space Directory now.

  3. Create a new Space Blueprint and access the Space view. Click on Overview in the Space tools to see the Space details. Choose Edit Space Details and set the status from Archived to Current.

    (Technically, a Space Blueprint is a common space which the Blueprint Creator automatically archives so it isn’t listed in the Space Directory or content from it won’t be indexed when users use the search.)

  4. Navigate to the space you have imported in Step 2 and access the Space Dashboard/homepage and move the page (children pages are included automatically) to your Space Blueprint which is visible because of Step 3.

    All pages that you initially created in the Space Blueprint in the other system are now available in your new Space Blueprint.

  5. Go back to your Space Blueprint and click on Overview in the Space tools to see the Space details again. Choose Edit Space Details and set the status from Current to Archived.
    Your Space Blueprint is now ready to be used. Of course you can customize it further and add placeholders if you like.

We will be releasing a new version of the Blueprint Creator that will also allow you to include your placeholders in the Space Blueprints.